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Amsi (9/24/2017 7:00 pm CST)

Amsi is a New York-based singer-songwriter. She has a formidable will to make a difference in the world through the power of music and entertainment. Born in Germany and raised in the United States, Amsi’s culturally diverse upbringing allows her to express a unique perspective. The songstress brings forth her colorful experiences in her artistry by creating pop hits with a Bollywood twist.


Amsi’s music is powerful, deeply immersive, and energetic. In 2017 she was given the opportunity to sing her song “Stronger Together” at the inaugural Women’s March in New York City, which had over 400,000 people in attendance. Since then, she has performed all over New York City in iconic venues like the Knitting Factory Brooklyn, Bowery Electric & more. During quarantine, Amsi headlined the “What Did I Miss? “ Virtual World Tour where fans were able to join themed live performances while social distancing.


Her music video for her single “Don’t Let Me Go” was officially selected in several film festivals including the Philadelphia Independent Film festival, Ramsgate International Film Festival and Golden Door Film Festival. “Don’t Let Me Go” also won “Best Music Video” at the Imagine This Girl Power Film + Media Summit & Showcase.

“Sweet Sugar Spice” is Amsi’s latest bop. With a catchy hook and a vibrant production, Amsi brings a sensual aura similar to that of Little Mix, Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha. Amsi is currently in the studio working on her debut EP, which is set to release in 2021.


Dylan Taylor & Hippie Speedball (TBD)

Hey I’m Dylan. I’m a very (almost painfully) indie indie artist ? but I haven’t always been. I had a bad ass mentor then he passed away, had a deal then I quit, recorded multiple projects with a variety of people that I’m still real proud of but most importantly, I got to play with soooooooo many different kinds of players. Good thing too cause i was gonna need some good ones. 

After taking an acoustic breather for a while I found myself itching to make the shit I was playin more but there’s nothing more uninspiring than a band that don’t get it so started with the one guy I know, for better or for worse, would always shoot me straight. Daniel DeMonico, man in the dope ass jacket… always. Didn’t hurt that he’s one of the best guitar players I know, from country to make you drool rock he’s solid as hell. He married one of my best friends a while back and also plays for Dylan McDonald right now. We started acoustic, just him and me playin for Sarah and their four giant dogs in the living room of their nolensville town home to douglas corner on 8th for a crowd that loved it. Didn’t take long for me to call Dennis after that.. 

We met through Nolan Neal, local rock god. Nolan was producing my EP, WANTED at the time and we needed some lead guitar so he called Dennis. Mind blown. Seriously if you don’t believe me it’s on Spotify and shit. Nolan went on to front Hinder for a while and then ended up on The Voice then Dennis ended up on The Voice. Yeah he sings too and writes. Those two wrote some of my favorite songs. I had em playin with me as much as I could for a while but it’d been a minute so I was stoked when he said yes to that first show. 

Now, I knew with those two on guitar I needed somebody pretty well rounded with cool ideas on bass so I called Jon. When I met him he was playin in a saxophone fronted jazz fusion trio called the3am. Prompted me to look him up immediately lol glad I did. He put out a solo project not long after that that I really liked, it seemed to walk that line of experimental and different but also refined and relatable that i was lookin for. After he hopped on the crazy train all I needed was a drummer. 

Drummers are hard for me tho because I really like drummers. One of the most inspiring pieces of a full band for me when I go to shows and also the beat that backs up the emotion in the lyrics I’m singing when i play em. I was bracing myself for a bunch of rehearsals feelin ppl out but Dennis told me to call Kirby and that was that. He gets dynamics and how they shape a song just as much as the words and guitar licks do. On top of that he keeps us straight, you don’t ever have to wonder if he’s gonna be there for the next hit. He just is. So you go for it too. 

Not even three shows in, I realized they weren’t just a backing band, with them I had a sound I didn’t have on my own. And I loved it. Mostly because it wouldn’t be the same without those specific pieces. Came to the next rehearsal and said “I think I’m gonna call you guys Hippie Speedball,” I remember Kirby sayin, “well, ive been called worse.” Haha then there was a website and an instagram and a bunch of shows and now we’re lookin at recording releasing our third single, “Dont Think Twice,” next month. Just released “Fuck The Police”. Ready to rock. 


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