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Jessica Sevier

Thu, Dec 10th @ 8:30 pm CST

Jessica is a Canadian born multi-instrumentalist.


Trevor Dubois

Fri, Dec 11th @ 6:30pm CST)

Trevor’s high energy and upbeat style, along with his youthful flavor and humor are what make him one of the GTA’s most unique singer-songwriters. His style emulates the likes of Jason Mraz, Barenaked Ladies, and Bo Burham.

Trevor picked up the video game “Guitar Hero” at age 11 and later moved on to the real thing, so this kid has been performing for years. Currently playing over 100 shows a year, he keeps busy performing with local and touring bands around Toronto and Ontario.  Gigs range from pubs and bars, to sidewalks and bustling festivals to venues around the city. He recently auditioned for CTV’s hit show, “The Launch”

Trevor continues to work towards recording new music and performing around Ontario and across Canada.


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